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Plywood Laser Cutting

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plywood laser cutting and engraving

Plywood laser cutting advantages include :

1 – Accuracy
2 – Internal corners are sharp (not rounded as CNC)
3 – Efficient use of the material
4 – Intricate designs are achievable as Plywood cuts very evenly.

plywood laser cutting, 4mm, 10mm, 12mm

Shown here are the cut edges of Poplar plywood laser cutting, showing how the laser burns the edge black.
From top to bottom : 4mm, 10mm and 12mm

You can see the charring gets worse the thicker you go.

plywood laser cutting and engraving sample board

Plywood is well-suited for engraving. Displayed here is a sample board with surface lines, sections cut through, and areas that have been engraved.
Having the light wood grain really shows of the engraving contrast and of course a coat of lacquer (an available service) will seal and enhance it further.

Birch or Poplar Plywood

Our supply: Stock / special order material
Thickness: Available in 1.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm
Sheet sizes: Anything up to 2440×1220mm
Self supply: You can also supply your own plywood, Not all plywood can be laser cut. Make sure your plywood is interior grade only up to 12mm in thickness and max sheet size.
Kerf : 0.15mm to 0.3mm as thickness increases

Material Properties

A laminated sheet material of high strength, made from Birch or Poplar timber, a grade which permits patches and minor knots or imperfections, where possible we will try to avoid these areas. It is a widely used wood material for laser cutting and engraving. A Maximum thickness of 12mm is recommended because boards with a higher wood content burns more readily.

Plywood Laser Cutting

Dried compressed air is used to keep flaming, scorching and charring to a minimum. This gives a near clean result on the surface but you will sometimes get slight markings particularly when the laser first pierces the material at the start of the cut line. These easily be removed by sanding with a fine grit sand paper.

By default we DON’T use any protective tape on either side of the board when plywood laser cutting. Heat from the laser causes residues on the laser bed to reflect back onto the material underside, which again can be easily sanded off.
If you would like to use protective tape to prevent burn marks on either side of the material you’ll need to specify this in your job request.
Plywood laser cuts with brown / black edge (charring from the burn) which is darker the thicker the Plywood being cut. The edge on thicknesses above 6mm can get quite dirty and in some cases mark if in contact with another material surface.

Image & Vector Engraving

Plywood engraves with a brown to black colouration and with a good clarity.
Please be aware that as a natural material, a slight variation in the tone of the engraved finish can occur from sheet to sheet from the same settings. Tone of wood, density and moisture content all have an impact on the engraving tone.
Should you desire an engraving deeper than our standard depth of approximately 1mm, please specify your requirement. Note that deeper engravings necessitate higher laser power or reduced processing speeds, which may result in the release of more oils from the wood, potentially marking the surface. These can easily be sanded off and by default all panels will be sanded by us after engraving for a super clean job.
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