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Everyone needs panels! Door panels, Radiator covers, Protective covers, Room dividers, Wall art or decoration.

Cutting area = 2500mm x 1300mm

At my workshop, I offer custom panel sizes to meet your specific requirements (subject to design limitations). I am able to modify and adjust the size of many of my designs to fit your specific needs. For repeating patterns, I can add or remove rows or columns to create the exact size you require or to accommodate the reduction of a patterned area, if necessary. I ensure that every panel I make is tailored to your precise specifications, providing you with a perfect fit and beautiful result.

To view my range of panels please click a catalogue below.

320 Panels 2024
Choose from 320 beautiful panels

Price estimator lower down this page

MDF Standard/Veneered

Our supply: Stock / special order.
Veneers : Oak, Sapele, Ash, Cherry
Thickness: Available in 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm.
Sheet sizes: Anything up to 2440×1220mm
Self supply: You can also supply your own MDF up to 18mm in thickness and max sheet size.

Decorative painted MDF panel

Panels cut from MDF provide a smooth and uniform surface that can be painted, laminated, or veneered to match any decor style.

Birch or Poplar Plywood

Our supply: Stock / special order.
Thickness: Available in 1.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm
Sheet sizes: Anything up to 2440×1220mm
Self supply: You can also supply your own plywood, Not all plywood can be laser cut. Make sure it’s interior grade only up to 12mm.

4mm plywood panel with stain and lacquer

Panels cut from Plywood provide a wood grain to the surface that can be stained and lacquered. They offer a stronger panel per thickness compared to MDF.


Our supply: Stock / special order.
Types : Perspex, Acrylic, ABS, Mylar, Nylon, HIPS.
Thickness: Available in 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm ++
Sheet sizes: Anything up to 2500×1300mm
Self supply: You can also supply your own Plastics, please check with us first.

Many different plastics for cutting panels

Panels cut from plastics offer a superb pre finished product, with a myriad of colours and styles available, Matt, Gloss, Effects, Mirror, too many to mention!

Laser Cutting

Dried compressed air is used to keep flaming, scorching and charring to a minimum. This gives a near clean surface result but you will sometimes get slight markings particularly when the laser first pierces the material at the start of the cut line. These easily be removed by sanding with a fine grit sand paper.

By default we DON’T use any protective tape on either side of the board. Heat from the laser causes residues on the laser bed to reflect back onto the material underside, which again can be easily sanded off.
All our panels are sanded on both sides after they are cut to provide you with the cleanest job possible.
MDF/Plywood laser cuts with brown / black edge (charring from the burn) which is darker the thicker the material being cut. The edge can get dirty and in some cases mark if in contact with another material surface.

An Idea of Cost

Panel Estimator

MDF Panel Estimator

0=Own Design

How to use

To determine the cost for your desired panel, use the calculator.

  • Enter the panel design number you like (optional). Keep at “0” for your own designs.
  • Enter your dimensions in millimetres.
  • Select the thickness from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “CALCULATE”. This will provide you with a cost for a panel of that size. If you entered a number for one of my panel designs you will get a price in one of the results boxes depending on the complexity of the design.

This is merely an estimate as factors like purchasing multiple quantities will also affect the price; typically, the more you buy of the same product, the lower the cost per item, since the setup has already been completed. Having the design altered for example to copy a pattern over a larger area, use part of a pattern etc, all effect the final cost.

If you’re prepared to proceed and have chosen a pattern from our catalogue, please enter your email and any message in the provided box and submit your enquiry. We will contact you with any questions to begin creating your panels. If you have your own design, submit the enquiry with the top (Panel LCP) box set to Zero (you can upload your design here), and we will provide you with a complete quotation.

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